Theatre of Manifestation Workshop at the Birmingham Rep for BE FESTIVAL. Photography by Jonny Fuller Rowell

I have over twenty eight years experience working as a writer and director in film and theatre, yes I’m that old. Or I started that young. Depending on how kind you’re feeling. If you’d like to discuss a creative commission or collaboration please email Kathleen Behne at FP.

My work as a writer, director, performer and teacher has many divergent strands. My practice converges in its exploration of how the numinous manifests in culture and society.  Theatre of Manifestation is the core working practice of FoolishPeople, this has been developed over the last twenty five years. The foundations of this work is in ritual theatre.

I have lectured and facilitated workshops in creativity, meditation, ritual and storytelling and creative writing for organisations such as the Royal College of Art, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Wilderness Festival and the BBC.

If you’d like to discuss a speaking invitation or workshop please email kath (at)

I facilitate and teach weekly and monthly classes within my local community in Creative Writing and Moon Meditation.

Moon Meditation is a form of meditation practice that I have developed over the last twenty five years, that places its focus on landscape. Through various forms of mantra and visualisation this form of meditation can aid participants to reduce stress and anxiety by enlivening each persons connection to the numinous, and how it manifests within their life story.