"A truly gifted writer with a singular voice, a resourceful producer, and a director who can communicate and appreciate." Paul Jenkinson - Pineapple Jam
"As a sound designer and artist, there is nothing I can appreciate more than this level of commitment." Bruno Allevato - Sound Designer
“Woooooow! Just saw Strange Factories. It was incredible. Such a wonderful achievement. A masterpiece.” — The Alt Entertainer
The detail and beauty of this work is spellbinding so that at times one loses all sense of where the performance begins and the truth ends.” —Gabriella Apicella

As an accomplished, award-winning filmmaker, John Harrigan brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and passion to create engaging, visually captivating video content across diverse formats and industries.

With over three decades of experience, John specialises in short-form to feature-length productions, online videos, and commercials. He offers a comprehensive suite of services such as filmmaking, screenwriting, book adaptation, directing, editing, drone piloting, and sound design support, ensuring a seamless journey from concept development to final delivery.

John Harrigan also provides consultation services for clients seeking guidance, creative direction, or expert advice on various aspects of film and video projects. With extensive experience in interactive and immersive storytelling, John crafts meaningful connections between spectators and performers, transcending the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Whether you require assistance with concept development, scriptwriting, or production planning, John's diverse experience and industry insights empower you to confidently navigate the filmmaking process.

Driven by his passion for creative storytelling and a meticulous eye for detail, John Harrigan is dedicated to delivering exceptional results tailored to fit budgets of all sizes.

Contact John Harrigan today to explore collaboration opportunities and bring your unique vision to life or to learn more about his consultation services and how they can elevate your project.

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