Strange Factories - Trailer HD

A writer, haunted by an idea for a new story hunts for four refugee performers of a theatre destroyed in a mysterious fire. He locates his friends in a remote, pagan settlement founded by Stronheim; owner of a Strange Factory hidden deep in the local countryside that emits an infamous Hum.

Victor enters into a dangerous pact when a vow is made to re-build their theatre if the story is completed in time for it to be performed at the village festival, where bizarre rituals are enacted by the Villagers under the influence of a hallucinogenic effluence siphoned out of the Strange Factory.

Victor’s imagination and the fragmented memories of his friends collide in a violent fiction that not everyone can survive.

Today I’m very proud to share with you the ‘Strange Factories’ trailer. As many of you already are aware this is FoolishPeople’s first feature film and I believe it contains some of the best work FP have produced. Every person who has collaborated with us on ‘Strange Factories’ has worked tirelessly to ensure that ‘Strange Factories’ is a truly unique film. We’re currently in post-production, but it won’t be long until you visit the settlement and learn how you, the audience are very much part of this story.

John Harrigan