Edit 5 commences. Night filled with light. Endings in darkness. Eternal faith. Meditation.


I delivered cut 4 of Lightships on the full moon. Also had a blast facilitating the full moon workshops and witnessing the lunar eclipse on the anniversary of the moon landings. This was a good week.

Lanny – Max Porter

This week has been spent editing the fourth cut of Lightships. Focusing on sound. Also more work on the book and some reading. Quite the week, but they all are, aren’t they?

Masks – Bowie and Artists of Artifice.

My essay ‘The Many Masks of Manifestation’ is featured in this interdisciplinary anthology which explores the complex relationships in an artist’s life between fact and fiction.

This interdisciplinary anthology explores the complex relationships in an artist’s life between fact and fiction, presentation and existence, and critique and creation, and examines the work that ultimately results from these tensions.
Using a combination of critical and personal essays and interviews, MASKS presents Bowie as the key exemplifier of the concept of the ‘mask’, then further applies the same framework to other liminal artists and thinkers who challenged the established boundaries of the art/pop academic worlds, such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Oscar Wilde, Søren Kierkegaard, Yukio Mishima and Hunter S. Thompson. Featuring contributions from John Gray and Slavoj Žižek and interviews with Gary Lachman and Davide De Angelis, this book will appeal to scholars and students of cultural criticism, aesthetics, and the philosophy of art; practising artists; and fans of Bowie and other artists whose work enacts experiments in identity.

I’m proud to have my work featured alongside contributors such John Gray and Slavoj Žižek.

‘Masks – Bowie and Artists of Artifice’, Edited by James Curcio is published in January.

Field Guide

Spent the morning out exploring, recorded a podcast for FoolishPeople.


One of the best decisions I made with ‘Armageddon Gospels’ was not to rush to release the film. In a market place that’s saturated, a work that remains occluded takes on a value of its own.

At the moment the film is with our sales agent Crossing The Screen. The aim is to release no later than the 1st of April 2020. 

I’m in the unique position of possibly having my second and third features released in the same year.

Odd and exciting.

Fathers Day

Father’s Day gift from Moon and the boys.

Second Dark Age Feat. Alan Moore.

Dropping this here to remind myself that I need to listen. Thanks to Brian for bringing this to my attention.

Thermo dynamic miracle….

Found for a £1 in a charity store. I’ve been looking for a new copy after giving my last copy away.

I’m looking forward to the HBO Lindelof adaptation.

Tell the story

Notes are coming in for Lightships. This is one of the most delicate moments.

Everyone keeps telling me to take a break from post-production and the edit of Lightships. This is akin to asking a story to stop. It’s not possible at the moment. My mind won’t stop trying to seek answers.

Creativity doesn’t have an off switch.

Currently thinking about titles and sound.