Stripped to the bone.

My work has diversified this year, teaching meditation classes has been a been a very direct form of my practice. Offering a direct form of communication between myself and others, who often have a powerful need to experience the numinous. A large scale ritual conducted with FoolishPeople, is perhaps the most complex form of my […]

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The imaginary landscape in which we meet…

Hello and welcome to the story.

What is the story?

Well, the truth is I’m not too sure. I do know what I hope the story will become. A location where I’ll talk about ‘The Story’ (the working title of my first non-fiction book).

This will be a place in which we can discuss many different items of concern, that all share one common obsession. LANDSCAPES.

Both real and imagined, in ritual and storytelling.

The Story will exist in two places at once. At and

More soon.


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