Finished cut six of Lightships today, I’m hoping this is close to picture lock.

This week and pretty much every week seems to bleed into one another in terms of work load. Lucy and I were in London yesterday for a meeting and I have a major project launching soon.

David Southwell of Hookland is presenting a paper at the 2019 Folk Horror Conference at Falmouth University this week.

“Like Hermetic Arts, one of my personal benchmark voices and one of the most important benchmark voices in the folk horror and urban weird creative communities is that of John Harrigan. His film ‘Armageddon Gospels’ has garnered near absolute praise from critics and has had a profound impact on many working in the field, including myself. Ask folk horror fans why they consider it part of the genre, and aside from the response ‘It’s got a bloody bone horse in it, how much more folk horror can you get’, people talk of it a work where they feel the land being told, feel the power of ritual and lore, encounter a sense of a past and its lost gods walking in the now. I am obviously biased, but I hope you can see how I can map those responses onto my own definition of the genre as an unearthing, as an active infection of past and place, the refusal to use folklore as mere trapping.”

David Southwell – Hookland

I want to get back to work on the book, soon. Autumn is almost here…