I somehow rescued the Strange Factories master yesterday, after it was locked away on two raid drives that died in the same week.

It’s an immeasurable feeling locating something that important, that took such a huge amount of work to complete.

Then today I find that Strange Factories is cited in Dr. Steven Gerrards book ‘The Modern British Horror’.

flagship film programs hosted by “important” film critics would never discuss movies such as Demons Never Die (Arjun Rose, 2011) and Strange Factories (John Harrigan, 2013). This is because true British Horror cinema, that which tugs at the very sensibilities of British cultural life, not only is arguably difficult to track down but more importantly questions the very fabric of Britain as a postmillennial country that is now on the verge of possible economic and social collapse in a post-Brexit world.

The Modern British Horror – Dr Steven Gerrard

Sometimes you win.